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Share Comment Pretty Little Liars is still one of the guilty TV pleasures we love to keep talking about, even if it has left a gaping hole in our hearts. Either that, or you were left scratching your head and wondering what just happened? We never actually see them escape and naturally they do , so what happened? Cut to the final season, and the moms reunite, bringing up that time they got stuck in the basement. They stop short of giving us our answer, but show creator I. Why did most of the Rosewood adults really suck at parenting? This is another unsolved mystery fans love to bring up. Charlotte is also revealed as the A-team leader in messing with the Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars Makeover

While all of the above action sounds like a drama-filled hour alone, “Welcome to the Dollhouse” also gives the fans long-awaited answers to a few of the series’ most burning questions. Check out the most shocking moments from the finale below: Despite never finding her body, Mona was presumed dead by police, who spent this season trying to find her killer. Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna also believed she was dead, and viewers were shown Mona’s body in the trunk of a car.

However, in Tuesday’s finale, the liars encounter a girl dressed like Alison and wearing a mask of Alison’s face.

Seven seasons of secrets come tumbling out in the ABC two-hour series finale of the hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing on ABC Tuesday, June

Except for many viewers the details were still too thin to constitute an actual unveiling as the person revealed to be the psychotic ‘A’ was someone no one had ever heard of before – simply a man named Charles. Scroll down for video Unveiling: And now five seasons in the girls of Rosewood, Pennsylvania finally learned who the psychopath tormenting them is. Although, as said before, it was just the first name of a man, leaving many to speculate as to who he really is and what relationship he bears to anyone on the show.

The teen mystery series has been teasing viewers with who exactly is trying to sabotage the lives of Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings for five seasons Too little: Except for many viewers the details were still too thin to constitute an actual unveiling as the person revealed to be the psychotic ‘A’ was someone no one had ever heard of before – simply a man named Charles Some believe he might be a DiLaurentis twin, but not Ali’s Sasha Pieterse.

The lack of information had many on Twitter fuming about the tease that revealed almost nothing. One fan wrote heatedly on social media: You give us next to no information, not even a face to confirm that he is Jason’s twin. News that ‘A’ is in fact Charles DiLaurentis. What viewers were given in the episode was unearthed home movie footage of Mrs. DiLaurentis Andrea Parker taking her children – including the controversial ‘Charles’ – apple picking.

The lack of information had many on Twitter fuming about the tease that revealed almost nothing Pretty Little Liars is based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard. There are eight books in total and the series is confirmed for seven seasons – leaving two more for fans to learn who ‘A’ really is.

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Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about him. Holden Strauss , one of Aria’s childhood friends, turned up when the bride-to-be was checking out a wedding venue. While Aria was pleasantly surprised to see Holden, we can understand if some of you may have been struggling to remember exactly who he was — we last saw him in Season 3 after all! So to help you out, we’ve put together this handy reminder of what we know about Holden so far.

Read on, then you can get on with theorizing what exactly his return means! We first met Holden way back in Season 2!

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Pretty Little Liars: 17 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes The Show Left Hanging

Now the episodes are gearing towards that and next week will see an engagement. The big question is who it will be. All Liars are now with someone and the potential for moving to the next episode is big. Let’s take a look at the four couples to try to work out who will get engaged next week. Aria and Ezra This is a problem couple right now. Aria is hiding a dark secret that could put Ezra in jail.

Most of the actors on “Pretty Little Liars” have been playing high school students since The ABC Family show is now ending the first half of its sixth season and kicking off new episodes.

Who’s Under The Mask? Rebecca Smith We spent the last five-and-a-half seasons of Pretty Little Liars wondering “who’s under the mask? But now we have a new masked villain to wonder about. We will call him or her “B. What do we know about “B” so far? This person has collected all of “A’s” previous belongings , looks pretty legit in a blue hotel worker costume, has access to a private driver, likes to watch people through their windows, and has proclaimed that he or she does not like to “hide in the shadows.

Well, the prime suspect tonight was none other than Aria’s dad. Montgomery Chad Lowe is back. Montgomery has an interesting track record.

Is “Pretty Little Liars” the best lesbian show ever?

Cold Opening Creator Cameo: Seth is made even creepier because it was implied he has some form of psychic ability. The dolls that A sends to the girls, and the dolls in the doll shop especially the one resembling Alison near the end of If These Dolls Could Talk. The main characters and many of the recurring charcters have skeletons in their closet.

All four main girls are played by actresses who are between the ages of 20 and

For six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Alison DiLaurentis laid in the casket in the show’s opening credits, but now, someone else is taking her place in the grave.

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Pretty Little Liars TV Show Quiz!

One year later, they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure using the name ” A ” who threatens to expose their secrets. At first they think it’s Alison herself, but after she is found dead, the girls realize that someone else knows their secrets, including long-hidden ones they thought only Alison knew. After an initial order of 10 episodes, on June 28, , ABC Family ordered an additional 12 episodes for season one.

These episodes began airing on January 3 and ended on March 21, The ratings success of the first 10 episodes prompted the book series to be extended beyond the initial eight novels. The second season premiered on June 14, , and after an initial order of 24 episodes an additional Halloween episode was added as a part of the network’s 13 Nights of Halloween lineup bringing the season 2 episode order to 25 episodes.

It is a rough time for all of the Liars as Spencer is reeling about the memories from her lost summer, Aria is still nursing a broken heart, Emily is reeling from Paige’s Betrayal and Hanna unsuccessfully attempts to wade back into the dating pool.

However, viewers got to see their escape attempt from a different perspective — a mysterious girl. However, this girl knew better than to try to run away from Charles. He locks the Liars outside for days without any form of shelter, food or water. Things look grim, but the girls finally catch a break when the doors to the dollhouse open again. He knocks the girls unconscious with gas, but takes Mona away. Tanner Roma Maffia found the video footage of Mona alive and well, the police were forced to drop the murder charges.

None other than Andrew Brandon Jones. Tanner that she wants to be used as bait to lure Andrew to her home. It looks as if Charles wanted them to appear dead — but for who? Forced to return to their rooms, the girls endure some sort of torture.

Alison DiLaurentis

That’s what keeps us close. Or are they her last words? And is she really gone? Set in fictional Rosewood, Pa. At least not until its members begin receiving texts and e-mails from someone who seems to know all their secrets and signs each taunting missive “A.

Here Are All the “PLL” Stars’ Relationship Statuses IRL. One’s married, one’s engaged, and one is dating his co-star’s doppelgänger.

Apparently, she had a “no boy zone” around her, and he didn’t want to approach her himself. Aria accepts the date, even though she is distracted by her home situation and Ezra being missing, because Hanna reminds Aria how she used to have a crush on Noel. They have an awkward date, but eventually warm up to each other. During the date, he opens the door for Lucas. In a flashback, we see Alison teasin Aria about her long-standing crush on Noel.

Noel is seen hanging out with his sunbathing girlfriend, Prudence. The two are later seen heading towards the Kissing Rock. Noel assumes that Aria’s moping is because she is not over a supposed boy that she had been seriously dating in Iceland. Hanna had planted this idea in his head after coming to the very conclusion. Aria doesn’t correct him, as she feels the part about their relationship having no future is close enough to the truth about Ezra.

The Perfect Storm During the blackout, after it has become clear that the SAT is being postponed, Noel convinces Aria to sneak out from the crowd and join him in an empty classroom as he shows off his musical talent on the guitar.

Charles Is A: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Finale Spoiler

By Leanne Aguilera 4: After watching Tuesday’s season five that was jam-packed with heart-pounding twists and jaw-dropping turns, it’s time to get all the ‘A’ answers you’re desperately craving. ETonline called up Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish and executive producer Oliver Goldstick to get the exclusive details on what’s coming up in season six. If you were underwhelmed by Tuesday’s “Big A Reveal” all you need to do is wait a little bit longer for the answers you crave.

You will look back and you will all go, ‘Wow! After the Liars finally unveil the face behind the mask, fans will be treated to a huge time jump in the winter season.

“Better Late Than Never” will follow five famous men as they backpack throughout Asia without any luxuries. Actors Henry Winkler and William Shatner, former athletes Terry Bradshaw and George.

It must be worth watching, right? The Tuesday-night show is based on a series of books by Sara Shepard. It centers on a group of four very popular high school girls in the wealthy white town of Rosewood. A year later, the four remaining girls rekindle their friendship when they begin receiving mysterious texts and emails threatening to make public their deepest secrets from, it seems, their missing friend. Except her body has just been found. Are ugly girls equipped to handle ugly secrets, or are they equally untrustworthy, or are they so invisible nobody at ABC Family knows?

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