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Saturday, May 16, Read Puma punku is the name of a large temple complex located near Tiwanaku, in Bolivia, and is part of a larger archaeological site known as Tiahuanacu. The most intriguing thing about Puma punku is the stonework. Puma punku was a terraced earthen mound originally faced with megalithic blocks, each weighing several tens of tons. The red sandstone and andesite stones were cut in such a precise way that they fit perfectly into and lock with each other without using mortar.

The technical finesse and precision displayed in these stone blocks is astounding. Not even a razor blade can slide between the rocks.

Los Andes encandilan a muchos! Cuidado con cegarse demasiado! Secretos existen bajo sus ruinas, pero hay que saber esperar, y sobre todo respetar. Véase: Jason Colavito versus Br.

As is well known, the great Andean population and that of the nearby regions, was composed in the greater part of farmers and herdsmen there also existed tribes which devoted themselves exclusively to fishing , and Tihuanacu was the religious and cultural nucleus. The population was extremely dense, as serious studies in this respect show. Thus it resulted that the agricultural and cattle production of a relatively small region had to provide the support for considerable masses of individuals and so the country was cultivated in an intense way, as we shall see farther on.

A bad agricultural year brought famine, discontent, social disturbances and the consequent discredit of the dominant castes. It is also known, even by the person most ignorant of agronomy, that to obtain good harvests and abundant issue in cattle, an exact knowledge of the calendar is necessary. The different seasons and the right times for plowing the fields must be determined, as well as the corresponding seasons for the sowing of certain crops, and the exact moment for breeding various types of cattle.

Of course, the man who is a product of modern culture, and who has an almanac, can scarcely appreciate the importance in that epoch, of possessing exact calendarian knowledge.

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And if I recall correctly, most of those flaws were chronological in nature. In other words, what was caught on camera, was not supposed to be existent at a time, the movie was based upon. It somehow indicates that human mind is conditioned to acceptance of events based upon time frame relevance of their existence.

If you visit Puma Punku, you are going to see huge blocks of stone that look as if a giant cataclysmic struck the area in the distant past, causing a mass-displacement of the structures at Puma Punku.

These massive, fascinating ancient monuments can appear on their own, or as part of a group. Ancient mankind raised different kinds of megalithic blocks of stone arranging them as well as they could, taking advantage of certain peculiarities that some stones offered. But what if ancient mankind knew something more about Dolmens and Menhirs that what we know nothing of today? Many people will agree that most of these megalithic buildings have a magical and metaphysical sense.

Each monument was erected in a particular order and had a meaning that today mainstream scholars are unable to decipher. These fascinating megalithic construction works are notable for two main things.

Ancient Ruins of Tiwanacu and PumaPunku

A Geomantic History of South America: Image in the public domain courtesy of NASA. The number 7 Cusco has several streets that feature the number 7 in their names. This polygonal stone, which was probably once part of an older structure, now marks a spring at the top of a street called the Seven Little Angels Siete Angelitos.

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We have plenty that are looking to chat now. Most people do it just because everyone else is doing it or to gain status. Its impossible to control the indexing of your online presence. Magnetized Megaliths of Puma Punku Thats why Im collecting vintage photographs dating back to the late s that show Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku before. All it shows are the big Megaliths in. It is theorized the Puma Punku complex as well as its.

Puma Punku Tiwanaku Tiahuanaco – Tiahuanacu. Ancient Ruins of Tiwanacu and PumaPunku.

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Some of the stone edges are still sharp enough to cut. The process is not known how these megalithic stones were shaped and the joints are so precise that paper will not slide between the stones. A large number of the stones are interchangeable, designed to fit into each other and provide a level surface. Carbon dating of the oldest layer of soil below the ruins estimates Puma Punku, or Door of the Cougar, construction to have started between and CE though there has been great debate over these figures along with the methods purposed to move the gigantic blocks, some weighing up to tons.

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We have been told to dwell upon the popular opinion, that the Great Pyramids have been constructed by hauling massive blocks of stone, driven by enormous slave population, up the ramp to an incredible height of about meters above the ground, thereby completing a structure of such magnitude, within years. However, the very fact that tonnes of stone blocks have been hauled close to ft above the ground, is a strong evidence of technology itself. And hence Egypt for millions have remained forever opaque, an enigma that withstood all the tests of time.

Historians and geologists from University of Boston such as Dr. Robert Shock and John Anthony West have jolted the conventional educational establishment, with geological evidences of the fact that the pyramids were thousands of years older than what has been thought. West believes that ancient civilization was not only much older but also much wiser than what the orthodox scholarship had maintained.

Also the fact that we as a civilization are the best of the breed and whatever happened before was comparatively inferior, as we delve further into the corridors of history, might not be true after all. Colin Wilson — another eminent author and an Ancient Alien Theorist, tried engaging a Japanese establishment specializing into heavy hauling, to execute lifting of blocks weighing 70 tonnes each up-to a height of feet above the ground, and they had immense problems in acquiring the precision needed for such an act.

However evidences of a similar act could be witnessed at the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid, flawlessly executed. According to the ancient alien theorists, the Great Pyramid is a classic example of a technologically advanced civilization that existed thousands of years before the first dynastic period in Egypt. In the Giza plateau in Egypt stands what the Encyclopedia Britannica calls the greatest single building ever constructed by mankind. It stands taller than a forty storied sky scrapper and is a true work of engineering masterpiece.

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Leon stumbled upon the remains of Tiwanaku in while searching for the Inca capital Collasuyu. However, the name by which Tiwanaku was known to its inhabitants has been lost, as the people of Tiwanaku had no written language. The area around Tiwanaku may have been inhabited as early as BC as a small agriculturally-based village.

Puma Punku is without a doubt one of the most fascinating ancient sites on the planet. Located in modern-day Bolivia, Puma Punku is part of an even larger archaeological complex known as .

While these cultures can be traced back to B. If you think the Great Pyramid in Egypt is a technological marvel, wait until you see what artists and engineers were doing in Tiahuanaco. This culture thrived at the breathless, oxygen deprived elevation of 13, feet. They managed to somehow move stones weighing up to tons and invented modular building techniques that would even today, be cutting edge. The most famous icon of the archaeological site at Tiahuanaco is the Sun Gate.

This structure has been described as a “calendar” almost as long as the monolithic gateway has been known to exist; thus the Sun Gate has also been called ‘the Calendar Gate’. This calendar sculpture, though it undoubtedly depicts a “solar year,” cannot however be made to fit into the solar year as we divide it at present.

The calendar has only days, divided into 12 “twelfths” of 24 days each, plus 2 intercalary days added to make the cycle complete. Some researchers have attempted to explain this as being a ritualistic calendar while others have claimed that, 14, years ago, the length of a year was somehow different from today. Still others believe that it may represent a year on some another planet.

Extraterrestrial connections were first suggested by Eric von Danken and have been perpetuated by discoveries of the apparent advanced knowledge that Tiahuanacan engineers seemed to possess — thousands of years ahead of other cultures. Analysis of this culture has shown that ancient Tiahuanacan scientists knew that the earth was a globe which rotated on its axis and they calculated exactly the times of eclipses — even those not visible at Tiahuanaco but visible in the opposite hemisphere.

It was common for many huge, flat faced stones to be used to construct walls. Some of the stones show evidence of tooling that simply could not have been done with any known ancient technology.

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Please click here to see vintage photographs of Tiahunancu and Puma Punku before the reconstructions took place. Those photos are an absolute gem and are hard to come by. In the past hundred years the ancient ruins served as a source for stones to build houses for the local community and therefore are lot of damage was done to the site. There are delicately carved stones lying around everywhere piles and piles of them.

Puma Punku & Tiwanaku Tiahuanaco – Tiahuanacu Near the Shores of Lake Titicaca Bolivia The original port of Tiahuanacu was built on the shores of Lake Titicaca less then feet away, but whose coastline now lies some 12 miles away.

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Part of the Tiahuanaco Complex, Bolivia. Puma Puncu, Puma Pumku. Puma Punku is a single part of the greater Tiahuanaco complex. The Puma Punku temple offers one of the best examples of masonry skills in the whole of the pre-Columbian Americas. Other incredibly carved temple complexes such as the Peruvian Inca walls of Sacsayhuaman, or the Inca masonry at Machu Pichu and Ollantaytambo pale to insignificance when compared with the sheer skill, accuracy and perfection achieved at Puma Punku.

Andesite megaliths in Puma Punku, will be evaluated by beryllium cosmogenic dating to determine the prehistory date when the stone was quarried and machined.

Located in modern-day Bolivia, Puma Punku is part of an even larger archaeological complex known as Tiahuanaco. This mysterious ancient site remains as one of the most enigmatic archaeological complexes ever discovered on the planet. Based on recent carbon dating tests performed on organic material on the site, researchers estimate that this fascinating ancient complex was erected by the ancient Tiahuanaco people around and AD —predating the famous Inca civilization.

The stonework found at Puma Punku is beyond fascinating. The andesite stones used in the construction process of this megalithic site were cut with such precision that they fit together perfectly, and are interlocked with each other without the use of mortar. Not even a sheet of paper can fit between their thousand-year-old stones. But how was this possible thousands of years ago? Even before the Inca, which are known to have been very skilled engineers? Puma Punku was created by an ancient culture which did not have a writing system and did not know about the wheel.

So how was this possible? Puma Punku lokes like a giant Lego Playground.

Puma Punku In Bolivia: High Tech Megalithic Site Destroyed 12,000 Years Ago