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I was amazed to read Haikai sharing without any prompting or hint from me about the latest MPS inquiry that: In giving permission for me to share these sparkling! I came to permaculture from an adult education background and following encouragement from Rowe have ended up working towards permaculture teaching. I was feeling kind of lame about this because my land based experience is limited, but realised that what I can draw on is years of learning design and adult education understandings to try and make permaculture stronger. I think that one of the things that hinders a more thoughtful, intuitive and emergent design process across the board is how permaculture is taught. So I wonder if one part of making permaculture stronger is in better ways of presenting the design exercises and explaining the goals. So how can the idea of design as an ongoing and emergent process be captured and explained well even if at the end of a PDC students still end up producing a series of layered maps based on a hour visit to a site and a shared interview? I will let you know how I go, but if you have any immediate ideas I would love to hear them! A simple example is consciously breaking the habit of designing a course by choosing a bunch of cool topics then assembling them: Replies Pippa I think that maybe a broader discussion about teaching within MPS is something that has to come down the line.

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This is interesting for me, who chooses not to spank. I choose not to spank for different reasons, though. First, I have read other studies that suggest that spanking is not effective for most children. Spanking is more likely to cause children to do more outrageous things to cover up their misbehavior, and to make them feel isolated from and angry at their parents, giving them more of a motive to misbehave in order to get revenge, so to speak.

Tinder has massive audience which not only makes it a blessing for people who are into online dating but also makes it a curse for a few. With increasing competition on Tinder, it’s mandatory for you to get your Tinder game impeccable to not get get run over by other guys and girl.

This year my place will be open to helpers for short days periods at the time as I have to be in the city every other week. I call it Krysztalowa Polana Crystaline Clearing because of its pure energy and a crystal clean water stream bordering it. I have traveled the world, lived shortly in the US and for many years in Switzerland. Now back to my roots I create my permaculture based eco-habitat place on earth nearby where my ancestors come from in Poland.

Right now I spend half a year on a site in a caravan May-October and this is when I welcome volunteers. Some time ago I got out of the corporate world and turned my life upside down.

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Of course we are all grown up and so let us act like grown ups. Obviously in a casual relationship we are looking for fun. And mind you, fun can have a lot of connotations. If both parties are of the same view then it is well and good because they understand each other perfectly and do not expect much from such a relationship.

Paul Wheaton Permaculture Reviews Here’s something interesting I’ve noticed the actual planet last five years: I’ve noticed that a great deal of dating gurus, date doctors, pick-up artists and self-help authors have emerged out belonging to the blue in big numbers armed using very own unique group of dating .

Central Florida posted 7 years ago My sister met her partner online about five years ago. After meeting they had a relationship for two years before getting married. They now have a beutiful daughter that I get to hang out with all the time. I am a bit more extroverted online and am definately more honest as I find it easier to type things and think them through that I normally would not say in person.

Not that I’m fake or anything I just tend to keep my mouth shut in person so that I dont put my foot in it! Many times I just want to tell certain people that they are not very clever and should reconsider their positions. That tends to drown the social atmosphere so instead of voicing my opinion I just keep my mouth shut! Online tis a different story. I can think through what I’m saying and figure out how to express ideas which otherwize would just remaign in my mind.

I have met a few people online, roomates, friends, and relationships.

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The short easy answer is to obtain a three month associated with emergency survival food. Freeze dried food has up to 25 year self life and is a no-cook no-prep food. Meaning it’s precooked food, just add water and a powerful tasting meal is ready in the blink a good eye. Off The Grid Living To serrate or to serrate. Ok, so maybe Shakespeare didn’t say that may. But that’s only because Dislike think he previously serrated knives back previously.

~ other places ~ Are you a member of Care2?Gaia?Mightycause?Tree-Nation?Are you paying for membership on other dating sites? Green-Passions wants to help connect the green community, and make it easier for people to find you.

He is not even that exciting. In truth, Rahaman-Noronha is merely a man with a shovel, a small farm, and a big dream. But that dream is poised to conquer the Caribbean. Joining him is a fluid group of permaculturalists working from their home islands and sharing the same goal: You can implement certain parts of it in your apartment If you have a porch with some sunlight, you can plant something there and start thinking about permaculture.

Behind him, orange trees rustle in the wind, the sharp smell of Trinidadian cooking wafts out an open window, and white-faced capuchin monkeys screech in the distance. Author of the manual, Australian Bill Mollison, first used the term nearly four decades ago and since then the idea has spread to Europe and the U. Born in Kenya, Rahaman-Noronha — whose work was recently highlighted in a TEDx talk — fulfilled a keen interest in the environment by studying applied biochemstry and zoology in Canada.

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Our food supply totally depends on seeds and seed stock, many other natural resources that we use as human beings, such as cotton, paper, timber, and edible oils, all begin their live as seeds. Seeds are part of the ever evolving constant of nature that is maintained by complex series of inter-relationships between her different component parts, of which seeds play a central role. Seeds are basically very small embryonic plants that are enclosed and sealed by a covering that is referred to as the seed coat.

A typical seed includes three basic components, an embryo, a supply of nutrients from the embryo and the seed coat Seeds come in all sizes and shapes and need particular conditions for their development into plants, in terms of the size of seeds, they vary from the size of a pinhead to a coconut, plants can contain a few seeds or thousands of seeds. Main Features of a seed Testa — A tough, hard, outer coat, the testa protects the seed from fungi, bacteria and insects.

It has to be split open by the radicle before germination can proceed Hilum — The hilum is a scar left by the stalk which attached the ovule to the ovary wall.

Many permaculture enthusiasts choose to design their garden and property based on a zone system. The premise of this system is to layout your property in as efficiently as possible.

You are such humble and thankfull people, I admire your way of life. I have learned from this to listen to the sounds of nature and to open my eyes to the patterns all around us. I have shared lovely times with wonderful Baby Louisa, the happiest baby I have met. I have enjoyed sleeping in the chambau I have no idea how it is spelled together with the mice and black bees who also uses it as a shelter!

The work has been hard and rewarding in a perfect way. I really loved climbing the avocado trees picking of dry branches together with Adrien. What an adventure to be so far up on a bouncy branch with avocados a hand reach away.

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Print Irakli Loladze is a mathematician by training, but he was in a biology lab when he encountered the puzzle that would change his life. It was in , and Loladze was studying for his Ph. Against a backdrop of glass containers glowing with bright green algae, a biologist told Loladze and a half-dozen other graduate students that scientists had discovered something mysterious about zooplankton.

Apr 28,  · The philosophy of permaculture advocates creating a more sustainable way of living, using an ecologically harmonious system that can be adopted by anyone.

Venison sausages, that’s what I think we need. The deer have been back again and made short work of our proudest plum and had a good go at one of our apricot trees. I suppose the lesson from this is that a fence is only as good as its weakest point, and the weak point would be the lack of gates, I suppose. I’ve spent the last few months between other jobs digging holes for and erecting , 3m fence posts around the perimeter of Guibi. I then stretched wire mesh between them, as one does.

Trouble is that I haven’t got all the gates made and hung yet. We also intend to run an electric wire or three above the fencing, just to get the point across! In the mean time, the deer are still able to get at our trees. So, this brings me back to sausages. Anyone out there with a gun who feels like going halves on a deer’s worth of sausages?

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