Man survives house explosion on west side of Detroit

Additionally, it is the device that tracks the amount of power use. The meter is connected to amps of electricity, which can be very dangerous, so contact a licensed electrician if you have any questions before beginning this project. Electric Meter Step 1 Contact your electric company to have it turn off the power running to your home. Turn the voltage tester on and touch it to the wiring connected to the main feed line from the street to make sure the power is off before any work is down. Step 2 Strip off one inch of insulation from any wires, if needed. There will be three wires feed lines coming in from the street, and two wires load wires going into the house. Use the wiring strippers to strip the insulation. Step 3 Attach the feed line wiring to the rear of the meter.

Debate over smart meters continues in Michigan

NGT will be hosting open houses in the area for landowners who live within feet from the proposed route to gauge where the pipeline should be located. The nearest open house for Milan Township residents is at 5: Open houses will educate attendees on the purpose of the pipeline as well as address any concerns they may have, said Arthur Diestel, NGT spokesman.

The gas line will be underground and travel along most existing utility routes. The proposed route runs along the Norfolk Southern Railroad line that cuts through the northwest corner of the township. NGT is conducting the open houses as part of research before it files an official application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the end of the year, Mr.

Is the router being connected to a data terminal equipment (DTE) or data communications equipment (DCE) device? Is a male or female connector required on the cable? What signaling standard does the device require? With the answers to these questions, along with the model of your router, you can find the part number of the cable required from.

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The Windsor Biennial exhibits recent accomplishments in the field of contemporary art. An Illustrated History is an ongoing exhibition. Enlighten your senses with Art in Bloom, featuring a large variety of floral art in the fields of photorealism to Impressionism, with original and limited editions exhibited. After being discharged from the Navy in , the late Richard Koslow, sculptor and painter, attempted an almost-successful life as a New York City artist. Maple, Birmingham; ; artspace2.

The 14th Annual Climate Controlled Art Fair, showcases home accessories by more than Michigan artists, including handmade pottery, jewelry, clocks, and fashion.

The Energy Efficiency Program for Business offers prescriptive incentives for both electric and natural gas energy efficient improvements in areas of lighting, HVAC, processes, compressed air, insulation, food service, boiler/furnace tune-ups and other miscellaneous measures.

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The author has drawn on some material earlier published in an article written by Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle. A link to that work may be found at the end of this article. The transmitting electrical rate meters typically transmit in strong bursts every few seconds 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The other utility meters also transmit similarly.

A typical DTE is a serial port on a terminal, a Com port on a PC or the serial port on an EDS A typical DCE is the serial port on a modem or on a UDS, UDS or UDS If you’re connecting a DB25M DTE to a DB25F DCE you can use a straight-through cable, i.e. pin 1 .

Does your water heater look like this? If so, it’s a gas water heater and you should read the information below. Number “1” is pointing to what you might call the chimney. Number “2” is the gas pipe. If you have a venting system that looks like this your water heater is an atmospherically vented gas burning appliance. Often these types of water heaters are vented in combination with another appliance, most commonly a furnace or boiler.

Some homes have high efficiency furnaces or boilers vented separately from traditional water heaters. This leaves what is referred to in the industry as an “orphaned water heater”. For various reasons, some may vent products of combustion to the inside of the home instead of up the vent and outside.

FAQ: “Smart” Meter Basics

Blue Heron Hideaway Arcadia – Three bedroom, three bath, full kitchen and laundry. Just a short walk to Lake Michigan. The stunning scenery is just the beginning of these magical places.

Small Wind Electric Systems 3 2 Small Wind Electric Systems. small wind energy system can lower your electricity bill by 50% to 90%, help you avoid the high costs of.

Verified Reviewer Original review: This was three weeks ago and I still don’t have the refund! I called them and asked them to put the money back into my account. They said that they could not do that and would have to send me a check. This happened on September 24th – it is October 12th and I still have not received a check. I have been on the phone every single day trying to get this taken care of. The first person who answers the phone is so shocked! I called yesterday and they said I would get the check “some time” next week.

I asked if I could pick the check up and got “NO”. They charge by estimations especially when there is a heat wave. They know that people will be using the air conditioners more often so they raise the true amount of your bill because they know you can’t prove that you did not use the amount of energy that they claimed you did and they love to use the lie that it was a hot month or few weeks so the amount of your energy usage went up which is a total lie.

I monitored my usage when it is extra hot and not I even suffer through the hot days just not to have a high energy bill but I get them any way even when I am not using the air conditioner at all. They get away with cheating people on these guesstimation bills because they have the lies on their side.

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Bill Johnson said Markwest has built pipelines and infrastructure, and developed jobs in Noble County not seen in Ohio in years. He expects the build-up to continue in the Utica shale region. Johnson said the shale boom has resulted in 38, jobs in Ohio related to unconventional gas drilling and the number is expected to be , in and even more by He pledged to continue the fight to keep the economic growth continuing, and to keep Washington at bay so Ohio can keep drilling.

Officials originally said the man was trying to execute an illegal DTE Energy hookup when he was electrocuted. Police have since said the man had no tools and stepped on the wire by accident. He.

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The numbers above show the savings with a solar PPA for an average home in Michigan. The typical electric bill before solar power is super expensive, but with a PPA, your monthly expenses will be lower. You’ll be saving money and saving the planet all at the same time!

DTE Energy is a monopoly and we are being exploited by this company with their increasingly high bills. Looking over the bill they have so many add ons. It is incredible/5().

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DTE shuts down illegal hookup